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LED Industry SDCM Standard

There are three main types of SDCM standards in the world:

1. North American Energy Star Standard
Energy Star ANSI C78.376, color tolerance ≤ 7 SDCM, divided by LED characteristics.

2. EU IEC standard
EU standard ERP, color tolerance ≤ 6 SDCM, according to the technical requirements to regulate the LED division area.

3. Chinese GB standard
Chinese standard GB10682-2002, double-end fluorescent lamp performance requirements color tolerance ≤ 5 SDCM, can be used as a reference for LED lamp color tolerance.

The following are the standard color temperatures of ANSI and IEC standards, and the corresponding color temperature coverage in the three steps, five steps, and seven steps SDCM ranges.

If you want 2700K standard color temperature, the CCT must be controlled within the range of 2680-2790K when it is based on ANSIC standard and SDCM<3.

It can be seen from the above chart data that the SDCM coordinate of the two standard color temperatures are different, and the range of correlated color temperatures covered is varied.

This makes a difference in the determination of the standard color temperature, so we need to determine the SDCM standard based on our actual situation and demand. Then, while referring to the standard, how do we confirm the relevant color temperature range that we need, and give a reasonable correlation color temperature interval value?

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