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Influence of SDCM on lighting Quality of LED strip lights

The LEDs of the LED strip is linearly arranged. If there is a color difference between the led, it is easy to be recognized by the human eye, and the light color of the whole strip is inconsistent, giving a lousy lighting experience. You need to buy a light strip with higher light efficiency and smaller SDCM to getting quality lighting effect.

The advantage of SDCM
1. The LED light strip has better light color consistency and emits light more purely.
2. The inventory of different types of LED Strip Light is confusing, and the backlog of stocks in various batches is overwhelming. Since the color temperature of each batch of led strip light is more or less different, this directly leads to the situation that different batches of strips cannot be mixed.
This increases the inventory cost of the wholesaler and also increases the inventory management workload, which is perfectly solved by the control of SDCM.

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