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Analysis of LED office lighting future trends

Analysis of LED office lighting future trends

We have been more confused in the way of development of intelligent lighting products, intelligent solutions in a systematic and intelligent resolve whether there is a single lamp between the programs of other development path, such as office space, stadiums, theaters, underground parking and a part of the plant lighting and other places .
1, Why do we need intelligent lighting?

Through intelligent control system can achieve better imagined scenarios, to make life more comfortable and better, while also serving as a low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection. Existing mainstream control, basically based support system, including controllers, bus structure, module combination with intelligent lighting, special bus includes DALI / DSI / DMX and so are more mature and systematic implementation of intelligent lighting solutions.

2 lamps with light source integrated beneficial to reduce costs and improve cooling capacity

LED lights relatively mature market is basically an alternative source markets, such as many manufacturers now mass-produced fluorescent tubes, light bulb, LED lighting products have been accepted as the majority of consumers, the future will increasingly sophisticated alternative markets, and the amount will be very large, but only as a simple alternative to traditional light sources, and can not play all the advantages of LED, LED lifetime is calculated according to the theory, will be able to really achieve 50,000 hours.

The power supply is a key component of the luminaire technology and cost

In the highest-tech lamps is power, safety inspection only related to power (power supply and lighting separate). Therefore, the post-split drive power and lighting, all kinds of different power supply with a different lighting functions and different combinations to form different products.

4 in the business lighting, especially for office lighting, a power supply with multiple fixtures combined into the future direction

5. advocate a single lamp and combined intelligence solutions and standardized modular structure

6, how to achieve intelligent office lighting

Intelligent lighting is now standard in the late 1990s to develop, when the wireless control scheme is not particularly popular.

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